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The History of Retirement

February 2021  By: MICHAEL McLEOD, CFP®

For many Americans, building the financial assets to transition from daily work to retirement later in life stands apart as a top goal. The concept of retirement is deeply ingrained in today’s culture, but it’s actually a relatively new idea. In 1900, the average global life expectancy was just 31 years. By 2017, that number…

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Speculating vs. Investing

Over the past several weeks, significant volatility in the share price of video game retailer GameStop dominated news headlines. The shares began to soar at the end of January when investors united on social media platforms to drive the stock price higher (an outcome that was possible given the company’s relatively small size and limited…

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Strategic Ways to Optimize Financial Planning in 2021

January 2021  By: MALCOLM BUTLER, JD

As 2021 gets underway, there’s a palpable sense of optimism both domestically and internationally as we move forward with an expanded rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. We hope the New Year will bring an increased demand for travel, dining, and entertainment that will give the private sector a much-needed boost. We also hope that 2021…

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Our Perspectives on 2020

When we wrote to our clients at the end of 2019, we opened with the following message: “As we begin a New Year and a new decade, many financial experts are polishing their financial crystal balls in an attempt to predict what the market will – or won’t – do in 2020 and beyond. The…

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Planning Throughout the Retirement Lifecycle


Three Phases of Retirement We generally think about retirement in three broad phases. Within each phase, distinct trends and priorities have emerged among retirees in the numerous studies that have been completed on the topic. Each client has their own unique plans for retirement, but understanding these general patterns provides helpful context and is a…

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The Election Is Over. Now What?

November 2020  By: MICHAEL McLEOD, CFP®

Election Day 2020 has come and gone, and many clients are naturally interested in what the results mean for their personal finances. Although President-elect Joseph Biden’s policy agenda offers stark contrasts to many current policies, particularly in the realm of tax policy, the degree to which the political consensus will push through sweeping changes remains…

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Employee Spotlight: Kyle Powers

Kyle Powers, Director of 401(k) Advisory Services at The Fiduciary Group, is a U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer and Navy Reserve Commanding Officer who has traveled the world through military service, conducting search and seizure operations in the Northern Arabian Gulf and participating in counter-narcotics efforts in central America. A military veteran with 19 years of combined…

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Preventing the Need for Early Retirement Account Withdrawals

November 2020  By: BESS BUTLER

Over the past several months, 401(k) plan participants have asked about taking advantage of pandemic-related CARES Act changes to retirement account withdrawals. Although the CARES ACT has made it easier to withdraw funds, this should only be done as a last resort. Steps can be taken to prevent the need to tap into funds allocated…

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Staying Long-Term Focused During Volatile Times

October 2020  By: SCOTT McGHIE, CFA, CPA

Between the pandemic, political uncertainty, and civil unrest, investors have had no shortage of events to contend with during 2020. Combined with outsized stock market volatility, this year has shown no mercy in its contempt for a healthy investor psyche. Being invested in equities during these volatile times can prove difficult, but it continues to…

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How to Determine Your Ideal 401(k) Asset Allocation

October 2020  By: KYLE POWERS, CFP®, MBA, AIF

There are three major factors that impact your retirement goals: how much money you save, how long you save, and the rate of return on those savings. Quite often, investors focus on their short-term rate of return, which is the factor over which they typically have the least control. In fact, research conducted by Vanguard…

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