Sustaining Family Wealth & Unity

May 31, 2019

Historically, 70% of inheritors squander their inheritance, and 90% of families fail to maintain their family unity and wealth for more than three generations.  If Financial Planning helps protect and grow your money, and Estate Planning prepares your money for your family,  Heritage Design, the third element of successful multi-generational planning, helps prepare your family for their inheritance, both financial and emotional.

Heritage Design was developed to help families develop a common purpose and shared vision along with a family governance structure that facilitates the passing of your family’s stories, life lessons, values, standards, and principles. Heritage Design is about fostering effective communication and trust and a shared sense of values across generations. Think of it as succession planning for your family—empowering the members of each successive generation to develop and transfer leadership skills to the next.

Julia Butler and Bess Butler are pleased to share that they have begun the 2-year Heritage Design Professional™ certification program sponsored by The Heritage Institute™. Over the next two years they will begin working with families to facilitate Family Alignment Days, Guided Discovery, Heritage Statements, and Heritage Days. After participating for the last 3 years in the Heritage Design process within their own family, they became passionate about helping others become part of the successful 10% of families who learn and intentionally teach and transmit the specific elements for sustaining wealth and unity across generations.

Julia, Bess, and Team Butler, Outdoor Team Building Day on Page Island