Major Life Events

July 27, 2018

Being the helpless romantic and nerd that I am, I proposed to Lauren on Tax Day 2017. We grew up an hour apart in New Hampshire. We both attended UNH and met through mutual friends. When we graduated, Lauren pursued her career in nursing while I joined a startup fintech company. Since then, we’ve traveled together internationally (Costa Rica and Dominican Republic) and throughout the U.S., including a snowboarding trip in the Rocky Mountains.

Married in Charleston May 20, 2018

After being engaged and while we were still living in New Hampshire, we decided to get married in the Charleston area. My dad relocated to Mount Pleasant in 2012 and we loved the area. While visiting him, we took several day trips to Savannah and fell in love the its old southern historic charm. When the job was offered to me at TFG, it seemed like an obvious decision to move down. This past May, we got married in the Charleston area in front of our closest friends and family. Rain was in the forecast, but thankfully not one raindrop fell that day. Over the past several months, we’ve been looking to buy our first home. We recently decided to put an offer on a house, which was accepted; we’re on track to close within a few weeks.

Going through all these big life events has reminded me of the importance of saving for the future. I’ve always been a planner when it comes to finances and have always liked to live below my means. I started saving when I was seven and always liked to see the balances increase overtime. When I was nine I started saving for my first surfboard and when I was twelve I started saving for my first car. Meanwhile, I was also allocating a piece of my savings towards college funds. I started saving for retirement the same year I started college, and after graduating I started saving for a down payment on a house. No matter which life stage, there will always be goals that need to be planned for. In a sense, it goes beyond the numbers. It gets into what you want life to look like. It forces you to think about your priorities and what you want to get out of life. Having someone who can help with this process will leverage the finite resources available to us all. This makes me appreciate the role that TFG plays in the lives of our clients, helping them prioritize and get the most of what they want out of their future.