Employee Spotlight: Carey Schwartzburt

June 28, 2019

Family Focus & Individual Achievement

Almost eleven years ago, one year after completing her BFA in Graphic Design at SCAD and working in Atlanta, a young Carey Black longed for an opportunity to return to her beloved Savannah. Lucky for her, The Fiduciary Group understood the fundamental need for any company to manage a consistent message and visual identity in-house.

Throughout her time with TFG as our Visual Communications Manager, Carey has also explored opportunities for professional growth as a freelance designer and editorial art director, which have afforded her a great sensibility for the impactful subtleties of design. She and her design work often serve as many clients’ first points of contact with The Fiduciary Group. Whether redesigning the company website or choosing typography styles for the 401k Enrollment Book or greeting a client upon entry to our offices, she conveys the professionalism, objectivity, and loyalty that define TFG’s mission and vision.

As Carey’s visual design evolved, so, too, has her financial knowledge. Her grandparents served as her first financial role models by adhering to strict budgets and making a point to pay cash for large purchases such as their home and cars. Carey has applied the foundation exemplified by her grandparents as well as her knowledge gained at TFG to her household finances — especially as her household has grown. She married her husband, Joe, in 2012 (which also led to the addition of several letters in her last name — Schwartzburt). Carey and Joe have since welcomed three beautiful and healthy children (Gavin, Fable, and Piper) into their lives. While not in the office or freelance designing, she shuttles Gavin to swim lessons, heads to Tybee with the family, or swings by her parents’ house to take advantage of their new pool.