Bess Butler Brunson earns Heritage Design Professional Certification

June 6, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Bess Butler Brunson, CFP® has successfully completed The Heritage Institute’s rigorous Heritage Design Professional™ (HDP™) certification process.  

A Heritage Design Professional partners with a family in their quest to maintain family relationships and protect wealth through generations using a highly strategic set of tools, processes, coaching and gatherings. The Heritage Institute is regarded as the national leader in providing training and support for advisors who work with affluent families who wish to transfer the family’s values along with their wealth through the generations.

The demanding course of study and experience requirements include a multi-year commitment to learn the heritage design academic content, utilize the tools and provide coaching for feedback in order to deliver this valuable service to families.   

“What makes heritage design unique is the fact that it focuses on family before fortune,” says Brunson. “As a Heritage Design Professional™, I will work with individuals and families to help them understand that their true legacy will be their values. We’re incredibly honored to offer heritage design services to our clients at The Fiduciary Group.” 

Research shows that nine out of 10 affluent families will lose their wealth by the end of the third generation. Planning for your family’s future should not focus first and foremost on money. Families must first identify the core values and beliefs that helped them succeed, and then make those values the bedrock of all of their planning.

Families who focus on planning for the future of their money often fall victim to the “Midas Curse,” in which inheritors who are unprepared to receive and manage wealth experience a destructive, dysfunctional relationship with the money that eventually destroys their family and their fortune. For that reason, The Heritage Process is becoming an important supplement to traditional planning for successful individuals who are concerned about the future health and unity of their families.