Wealth Management

Wealth Management





Your Success Is Our Goal.

Our mission is simple: Conserve Plan Grow®.  Over 400 individuals and families entrust us to do just that – to build, protect, and grow their wealth.

The Fiduciary Group’s wealth management services are built first and foremost on fiduciary investment management. We start by listening. We listen to our clients’ goals and needs for the short and long term. We then determine the right investment strategy and follow a disciplined investment process to help our clients achieve annualized investment returns in line with their time horizon, objectives, and tolerance for risk.

At The Fiduciary Group, wealth management often involves much more than investment management.  It may include advice on a myriad of household budgeting, risk management, and purchasing decisions.  It might involve comprehensive financial planning and collaboration with our clients’ accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents.  Sometimes it extends to advice on the sale of a business or monetizing stock options.

It may include paying our clients’ bills and estimated taxes and managing their checkbook, or acting as a power of attorney on their behalf to execute and report on a range of financial transactions. Often, it extends to estate planning and the administration of our clients’ trusts and estates to carry out their legacies and manage their wealth across generations.

We’ll guide you to make wise, sustainable choices and avoid unnecessary risks. We'll help you set clear expectations and map a course to meet them. Our goal is to preserve and build your wealth while managing risk – to support your lifestyle and provide your legacy.

Investment Management

Investment management is one of our fundamental core competencies, and one in which we invest heavily in terms of intellectual capital, data sources, systems, and processes.  Our experience and expertise extends to: investment strategy and asset allocation; research, analysis, and selection of investments (individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs); construction, monitoring, and management of investment portfolios; and ongoing client review and engagement. We follow a disciplined Investment Process.

To achieve our clients’ objectives, we stand by our investment management philosophy and these fundamental principles:

Focus on Clients’ Needs and Goals:  Investment management begins with a thorough discussion to understand our clients’ financial objectives so that we can devise the right investment strategy and provide financial advice that is helpful and relevant.

Long-Term Perspective:  We approach portfolio management as long-term investors, patiently seeking to build wealth over time while managing risk.

Diversification and Asset Allocation:  We believe in constructing globally-diversified portfolios appropriately allocated among asset classes and in line with our clients’ objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and unique circumstances.

Independence and Objectivity:  Our research is independent and incorporates multiple sources of financial, market, and economic intelligence.

Transparency and Liquidity:  We invest in individual equity and fixed income securities, mutual funds, and ETFs.  All positions are publicly-traded, daily valued, highly-liquid, and transparent.

Client Assets and Best Execution: Assets are held in custody primarily at Charles Schwab, a financially-strong custodian that provides industry-leading asset protection protocols. Schwab provides independent reporting to clients of all positions, valuations, and transactions. Schwab also provides best execution of trades.

Ongoing Client Communication:  We believe maintaining regularly scheduled communications with our clients strengthens client relationships and positively impacts our investment strategy.

Financial Planning

Planning to Achieve Your Financial Goals

We offer a broad selection of professionally prepared financial plans that allow our clients to monitor their progress toward specific financial goals: saving for retirement, saving for college, or managing lifetime savings for retirement and beyond.

At The Fiduciary Group, our plans have two objectives: (1) to provide a clear, objective view of your current financial situation as it relates to your goals; and (2) to help you understand and monitor the variables that may impact specific goals or risks.  We believe our approach to planning offers a number of benefits:

Independent and Objective

Our plans are fee-based and transparent. We prepare the plan as your fiduciary, meaning we render objective advice based on our clients' best interests. We do not receive a commission or financial incentive of any kind for selling insurance, annuities, or other financial products.

Dynamic and Accessible

Planning is not a “one off” activity but rather an ongoing exercise of monitoring progress and adapting to changing conditions.  We work with our clients to update their financial plans as circumstances and objectives evolve.

Focused on What’s Important to You

Depending on your financial life-stage and specific circumstances, you may have different financial priorities and concerns. We offer “planning modules” that focus on particular needs you would like to address. You can choose to focus on an individual module, combine modules that matter most to you, or take a comprehensive approach to your planning needs.

Financial Concierge Services

We provide a broad array of financial concierge services, which can be tailored to the needs of our clients. A number of our clients nominate our principals to serve as Power of Attorney to handle various household financial transactions such as distributions, transfers, and withdrawals. For some, we provide bookkeeping services to track income and disbursements for business or family partnerships, as well as principal and interest payments for loans.

As clients age, many look to our bill pay service to issue payment on their behalf for bills, specific taxes, and household expenses. Our client account administrators maintain complete, detailed records of all payments and transactions. We can also send statements to an interested party, such as a family member or accountant, to monitor expenses.

We provide year-end transaction reporting to clients and their CPAs for tax purposes. We also can provide consolidated reporting of held-away assets and non-managed assets (real estate, life insurance) so that clients have a holistic view of their assets and their values.

Fees for bill pay and other financial concierge services are based on the level of service to be provided.


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