Life Insurance–Too Little or Too Much?

Julia Butler Chief Operating & Compliance Officer and Director of 401(k) Advisory & Financial Planning Services
Life insurance is a risk management tool for both personal and business risks. In the event of the premature death of an income earner or parent, life insurance can provide tax-free cash to cover immediate expenses as well as ongoing financial support for the family.
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Major Life Events

Brendan Flaherty Director of Operations
Being the helpless romantic and nerd that I am, I proposed to Lauren on Tax Day 2017. We grew up an hour apart in New Hampshire. We both attended UNH and met through mutual friends. When we graduated, Lauren pursued her career in nursing while I joined a startup fintech company. Since then, we’ve traveled together internationally (Costa Rica and Dominican Republic) and throughout the U.S., including a snowboarding trip in the Rocky Mountains.
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The Path to Value Realization

Joel Goodman, CFA Chief Investment Officer
Scott McGhie, CFA, CPA Director of Research & Portfolio Management
Alex Morris, CFA, MBA Research Analyst
Jared Hammers, CFA Research Analyst
For many years, we’ve heard market prognosticators proclaim that the current bull market is nearing its fateful end. Between the Euro crisis, the U.S. debt downgrade, concerns about China, Brexit, the “taper tantrum,” and now the threat of an expanding trade war, they have offered plenty of reasons to be cautious over the years since the financial crisis. And yet, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that selling equities due to these fears would’ve been a mistake.
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When I’m Not Working…

Julia Butler Chief Operating & Compliance Officer and Director of 401(k) Advisory & Financial Planning Services
It all started with a small plot in a community garden.  When I harvested my first bell pepper, I was hooked.  After a few years bending over two planter boxes at ground level, I decided to “straighten up.”  Literally, I wanted to stand up while I worked in my vegetable garden.  With the help of Farmer D, we designed and built a “Beds On Legs” organic micro-farm at our weekend home in Palmetto Bluff.  Four years and eight planting seasons later, I’m still hooked, and enjoying fresh produce year-round.
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The Impact of Inflation

Malcolm Butler, JD President
From the end of 2017 through April, inflation has increased from +2.1% to +2.5% (using CPI as a proxy). Over the same period, the yield on ten-year Treasury bonds has risen from 2.4% to 3.0%. These moves have led market participants to question if a change in the status quo is underway. Let’s assume inflation continues to climb, spurring higher interest rates. What are the implications for investors?
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From Our Family to Yours: 4 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

Malcolm Butler, JD
Bess Butler
Client Account Administrator
Teaching kids about money in the Digital Age isn’t always easy. Between online shopping, direct-deposit paychecks and banking by app, today’s children are growing up in a world where they may rarely experience a cash purchase or even a monetary transaction. To kids, it can look like the next item we want or need just magically appears on our doorstep.
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