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Our Publications

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Estate Planning For Life!

Julia Butler, CFP®, JD, MBA
Chief Operating & Compliance Officer Director of 401(k) Advisory & Financial Planning Services

Estate planning is really "transfer planning." It is an ongoing exercise of planning how you accumulate, conserve, and distribute your assets during life, at death, and beyond. There are both financial and non-financial reasons to plan.

Investment Approach Revisited

By Joel Goodman, CFA Chief Investment Officer
Scott McGhie, CFA, CPA Director of Research & Portfolio Management Alex Morris, CFA, MBA Research Analyst

The S&P 500 continued its march higher in the third quarter and has now increased by 14% (including dividends) in 2017.  International markets have reported even better results, with the MSCI World index (ex-U.S.) climbing 21% over the same period.

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