Our Clients

Our Clients

Individuals and Families

We manage the investment assets of more than 400 individuals and families. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. Our clients’ financial lives represent all generations and life stages – from young families looking to build retirement assets and education savings to retirees living off investments accumulated over a lifetime. With so many diverse clients and unique circumstances, our team has developed a deep level of expertise to help our clients achieve their goals, no matter where they are in their financial life.

401(k) and Qualified Retirement Plans

We serve as the fiduciary investment advisor to over 30 company 401(k) plans, selecting investments and constructing diversified balanced portfolios for over 1200 participant employees. We also provide ongoing investment education and guidance to plan participants. As a Section 3(38) fiduciary advisor under ERISA, we relieve plan sponsors from fiduciary liability for selecting, monitoring, and replacing the plan’s investment options. We also ensure plan costs are reasonable and competitive, that options are appropriate and diversified, and the participants receive the education and guidance they need to make informed decisions.

We also manage the investment assets of company profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans, and a range of other qualified retirement plans for self-employed individuals and small businesses such as Simple 401(k), Individual 401(k), SEP, and IRA accounts.

Trusts and Estates

Of the many families with whom we work, close to half involve assets in trust or probate. Many of those trusts are established by clients either as a living or testamentary trust to ensure that the assets are managed across generations in line with the grantor’s intentions and for the long-term benefit of the beneficiaries and remainder beneficiaries. With a background in law and investment management, as well as a deep history in trust and fiduciary services, our firm’s CEO and Chief Trust Officer, Malcolm Butler, brings extensive knowledge and expertise as executor to probate the assets under wills and as trustee to carry out the ongoing management and administration of trust assets. Our seasoned staff handles all aspects of income distribution, reporting, and tax filing. Our firm also serves as the investment manager for a number of trusts where a family member or other professional is named as trustee.