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How a Trust Can Protect Your Family from Themselves

November 2018  By: MALCOLM BUTLER, JD

You’ve worked hard to build wealth. You have more money than you will need in your lifetime and you want to ensure your assets will benefit your family once you’re no longer at the helm. One way to do this is to leave your estate to your loved ones through a will. Even though our…

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Estate Planning For Life!

October 2017  By: JULIA BUTLER, CFP®, JD, MBA, CFEI

Estate planning is really “transfer planning.” It is an ongoing exercise of planning how you accumulate, conserve, and distribute your assets during life, at death, and beyond. There are both financial and non-financial reasons to plan. These range from minimizing income and estate taxes, preserving business value, maximizing benefits for a surviving spouse, protecting against…

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The Benefits of Trusts


Trusts can serve many purposes in a family’s financial, retirement, estate, and tax planning. Trusts can ensure that assets are professionally managed across generations and distributed in line with the grantor’s intentions. Trusts can, among other things, remove assets from one’s estate, carry out charitable intent, reduce income taxes, protect beneficiaries from spendthrift propensities, protect…

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Gift and Estate Planning


Whenever you transfer assets to another person, whether during your lifetime or at death, there are potential federal and state tax consequences. Good financial planning can help minimize taxes and also help you better accomplish your gifting objectives. Although most households will not face Gift and Estate Tax due to the current high Applicable Exclusion…

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Legacy Planning

January 2016  By: JULIA BUTLER, CFP®, JD, MBA, CFEI

Within the last year, my husband and I revisited our estate plan. In the end, we felt confident that we’d accomplished all the usual objectives—protecting and preserving financial assets for future generations, minimizing taxes, and so forth. But recently a colleague introduced us to another concept we had not really addressed in planning for our…

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Entrepreneurial Estate Planning 


Over the years, a number of clients and friends have approached me to assist them with their estate planning needs. Because my legal license is inactive, I don’t draft estate planning documents. However, with over 30 years of experience in administering estates and trusts, I can often bring an insightful vantage point to the estate…

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End of Life Planning

January 2014  By: MALCOLM BUTLER, JD

Since we are all mortal, we will all personally face end of life issues. It is essential to have appropriate documents in place that will address both financial and healthcare matters that ultimately arise. In a recent survey completed by Boomer Market Advisor, 50% of respondents did not have a Will (and this rather startling…

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