Rising Equity Glidepath in Retirement

January 2015  By: MALCOLM BUTLER, JD

Conventional wisdom in the investment advisory world has typically been that retirees should gradually reduce their equity exposure during retirement. One popular rule of thumb is that equity allocations should be annually rebalanced based on a formula of 100 less the retiree’s age. For example, a 70 year old retiree should have 30% equity (100-70)…

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The Gen-X 401(k) Millionaire

October 2014  By: JULIA BUTLER, CFP®, JD, MBA, CFEI

Generation X—those born between 1965 and 1978—is known as the “401(k) generation.” They entered the workforce about the time that 401(k) plans were being introduced, and started their own retirement savings earlier than prior generations (the average age to start saving for retirement was 27). They highly value 401(k) plans as an important benefit, evidenced…

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Advice to My Children


In our last newsletter, I wrote about the investment advice that I learned from my father. In this issue, I will pass on the investment advice that I would like to share with my three children in the hope that it might also benefit the children and grandchildren of some of our Fiduciary Group readers….

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Coming Of Age During The Great Recession


The financial crisis and associated market volatility has caused a lot of people to lose confidence in the stock market. No group appears to have been more scarred by 2008, however, than the Millennials—the 21-36 year olds who “came of age” as investors over the last 10+ years. This chart tracks the S&P 500 index…

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