Managing Financially After Losing A Spouse

August 2018  By: JOEL GOODMAN, CFA

Grappling with the loss of a loved one is the most difficult time in one’s life. Often, after years of working with an affluent couple, we find ourselves guiding the surviving spouse through the financial aspects of this major life change. Generally, it’s the husband who passes first, so quite often we’re working with the…

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Choosing A Smart Investment Strategy

August 2018  By: JULIA BUTLER, CFP®, JD, MBA, CFEI

  If you’ve ever looked at a graph of stock market returns, you might notice the similarities with an EKG.  Lots of ups and downs. But overall, the trend is up.  Over the long term, the stock market has delivered compounded annual rates of return of 8-10% per year.  In order to achieve the long-term…

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The Schwartzburt Family Grows!


  Carey joined The Fiduciary Group in 2008. Since then, the TFG Team has had the pleasure of watching her marry her husband, Joseph Schwartzburt, and have three beautiful children. The most recent addition to their family is Piper Joan who was born August 4th at 11:12am weighing seven pounds and one ounce. Carey’s other…

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