Fiduciary Group Teams up with Focus Financial Partners

April 2015  By: MALCOLM BUTLER, JD

The Fiduciary Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Focus Financial Partners effective April 1, 2015. Focus is the world’s largest partnership of independent wealth management firms, with partners across the United States and in the UK and Canada. We became the 32rd partner firm and the first and only firm in the Coastal…

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Active vs. Passive Mutual Funds

April 2015  By: JULIA BUTLER, CFP®, JD, MBA

Are mutual fund investors better served by investing in actively or passively managed mutual funds and ETFs? Short answer: depending on one’s individual circumstances, both types of funds can play a positive role in a well-diversified investment portfolio. Diversification among active and passive strategies can be additive to a portfolio’s returns, reduce overall expenses, and…

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