Rising Equity Glidepath in Retirement

January 2015  By: MALCOLM BUTLER, JD

Conventional wisdom in the investment advisory world has typically been that retirees should gradually reduce their equity exposure during retirement. One popular rule of thumb is that equity allocations should be annually rebalanced based on a formula of 100 less the retiree’s age. For example, a 70 year old retiree should have 30% equity (100-70)…

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Putting the Brakes on the Emotional Rollercoaster

January 2015  By: JULIA BUTLER, CFP®, JD, MBA, CFEI

Emotions can cause investors to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. We all know, rationally, we should buy low and sell high. Yet emotions can cause investors to do just the opposite. Market cycles—and the emotions that they incite—can feel like a roller coaster ride. When the stock market is rising, investors feel…

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