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Our Publications

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Investment Maxims

Malcolm Butler, JD

I attended an investment conference recently and one of the speakers was Stephen Friedman, former Chairman of Goldman Sachs. During his fireside chat, he mentioned that when it comes to investing, he follows some basic rules of risk management. He said that these rules were universal truths that grandparents have shared with their grandchildren over multiple generations.

Summer Reading

By Joel Goodman, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Scott McGhie, CFA, CPA
Director of Research & Portfolio Management
Alex Morris, CFA, MBA
Research Analyst   As part of our job as investment managers, we read numerous shareholder letters every year. Occasionally, these letters offer a unique perspective or insight that renews our enthusiasm for how we think about businesses and the art of long-term investing. The most recent letter from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a gem that has kept our attention since it was published in April.  

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